TeppersList Review: Does This Subscription Service Really Work?


As a financial advisory firm, we at Baptista Research have always focused on providing the best possible recommendations to our readers and clients. Our coverage is focused on a wide mix of large caps, mid-caps, REITs, small caps, mutual funds, as well as penny stocks and today we have decided to go a step further and start reviewing subscription services. We are kick-starting our reviews with the well-known equity research service known as TeppersList.

Now it is a well-known fact that equity subscription services, is a big grey area. In fact, it is definitely a darker shade of grey, given that the internet is filled with services that claim to make you rich in a few weeks but end up making you lose all your savings (and probably more, if you are into the whole Futures & Options game and start playing too much on leverage!).

We are quite adept at being extra alert while covering the penny stocks and the high-risk plays but here, the game is different altogether. While most penny stock companies might still be trying to create value by raising funding through your hard-earned money, there is little doubt that MANY subscription services out there are total frauds. It can be so bad that sometimes you would feel they are run by a guy sitting outside his countryside house, on a porch, sipping beer, and just texting you a buy recommendation of the first random stock that comes to his mind. The irony is that your monthly subscription fee of $50 or so is paying for that beer and that house but he doesn’t give a damn! He knows that tomorrow you will discontinue and the day after he will find 3 others like you that are unaware of how pathetic his service really is.

In such an environment, reviewing subscription services has become an absolute necessity to spread awareness among investors and to separate the wheat from the chaff. Undoubtedly, there are a few good ones out there as well which truly serve their purpose – helping Americans become independent investors and helping them maximize the returns on their savings. However, the best of these services are hard to find, which is why our reviews are highly pertinent in identifying these for investors.

TeppersList – Why We Chose This As Our First?

TeppersList is basically a stock picking service founded by veteran trader, Leon Tepper. The service has recently been receiving a lot of comments with many considering it one of the best trading and investment subscriptions ever. The extreme level of positivity around the service actually made us sceptical and try it out for ourselves to see if it is actually even half as good as what its other reviews are saying.

Our biggest criteria for shortlisting TeppersList were two-fold. Firstly, it caters to a mix of long-term investors, short-term investors, and swing traders. It has three separate products (discussed in greater detail below), each catering to a different form of trading / investment behaviour. The three different products meant a significantly longer time for our auditing process but it was overall a very interesting experience. Our second big criteria was the long and short approaches. Trade cycles are the biggest reality of the global markets and it is evident that no stock can continue to go up forever. We were looking to cover a service that can help investors generate long as well as short ideas and help them make money (or at least claim to make money) even in economic downturns. Hence, Teppers List completely fit the bill for us.

First Impressions

When we first visited the main website, www.tepperslist.com, this is what we saw:

Words like “due diligence” and “Buffettology” certainly drew our attention, primarily because very few subscription services actually talk about their approaches. All of them make wonderful claims about getting you rich through magically churning our multi-bagger ideas but few talk about what lies behind that “magical” stock picking process. Interestingly, TeppersList does have quite a bit of content associated with the methodology used behind the stock picking process. The service claims to follow the contrarian approach and has integrated fundamental and technical analysis in its algorithms (which basically carry out complex chart analysis and technical analysis on fundamentally strong companies).

As a subscriber, if you are keen to understand their methodology, you can contact them anytime and somebody from their team will be more than happy to explain in detail, the methodology they are using for stock picking. I must admit that the first impression was quite impressive!

About Leon Tepper – The Founder

Leon Tepper can be best described as a veteran trader (over 2 decades of trading experience in stocks, ETFs, and commodities) and a man fascinated by algorithms. The man has built some of the most complex algorithms with the goal of identifying the start and the end of not just trade cycles but also stock-specific cycles, in order to determine the optimum point of entry as well as exit. If you go through the company’s website in detail, you will find the specific details behind the creation of many such algorithms such as the Genetic Adaptive Wide-ranging Reversion Algorithm and the Tepper Neural Index. It is all very interesting, particularly the part where we actually understand that Tepper is able to generate recommendations for both short-term as well as long-term investments using this approach.

What Are The TeppersList Products?

TeppersList offers three main products – the Mega Hot-Stock Report, the Turnaround Report, and the Invest & Forget report. Each of them has a uniquely different approach and caters to different kinds of investors which can be summarized as under:

  1. Mega Hot-Stock Report – As the name suggests, this report is focused on which has an upcoming earnings, news, potential FDA clearances, or a generally high potential investor interest, particularly companies dealing with future technologies. It is the ideal report for the trader community, specifically swing traders.


  1. Turnaround Stock Report – This subscription looks to identify turnaround stocks i.e. those which are following a downward trajectory as of date but are likely to reverse the trend in the near future. It is a simple approach of buying cheap, beaten down stocks that are expected to have a near-term catalyst that could make the price jump. The Tepper List algorithm accounts for cyclical factors associated with specific companies as well as the economy in general. This report caters to both, active as well as passive investors.


  1. Invest & Forget Report – This is the flagship service of TeppersList catering to the average American who is basically a passive investor looking to invest his savings and watching them grow. Interestingly, Leon Tepper has had his Invest & Forget model back tested multiple times in many different scenarios, including six-sigma situations. It has successfully generated huge returns through stock picks like Facebook, SolarEdge, Amazon, Digital Turbine, and Axsome Therapeutics.

If you need more details on each of these services, the TeppersList site goes into a wonderful amount of detail on each of these. What we need to highlight here the most is the success rate of these reports. Please note that each of these 3 reports have a fantastic success rate.  Almost all suggestions provided by all the 3 forms of reports managed to deliver positive returns. Of course, there was the occasional failure but in the grand scheme of things, it was relatively insignificant. It was evident that the TeppersList algorithms had passed all our tests with flying colors through the amazing recommendations that they provided. The service is legit and it seemed logical as to why people have been raving about it in their reviews. Also, the reports are delivered in a timely manner and the approach is highly disciplined. Subscribers get a sufficient amount of time to act before investing in any given stock as the recommendations include a broad entry range.

Important Considerations Before joining TeppersList

While the service is excellent, it is important for us to address some basic queries that all investors have with respect to subscription services like TeppersList to avoid any confusion.

  1. I am a Trader. Is TeppersList relevant? Yes, it is. Maybe the Invest & Forget report is not for you but the Hot Stocks and the Turnaround offers are very relevant for traders of all kinds, particularly swing traders.


  1. Do I need a large chunk of capital to use a service like TeppersList? Not at all. The service has been known to deliver fantastic returns to investors with a corpus as low as $10,000 as well as a corpus running into millions of dollars.


  1. Does TeppersList have a 100% success rate? Will I never see red on the screen? Any service that claims to provide a 100% success rate that claims you will never see the red color on your screen is a fraud (unless of course if it is only investing your money in risk-free Government bonds). TeppersList may have exceptionally good algorithms that can beat the markets on most occasions but it is also human. Markets follow a random walk theory and no human can beat this random walk every single time. However, if you play with caution, pick the correct stock on almost 8 out of 10 occasions, and have a disciplined approach with respect to your stop losses, you are bound to make money. This is the essence of TeppersList.


  1. How much is my risk vs. reward on a given trade? Unfortunately, this subject is overlooked by most uneducated investors, and most folks will risk at times more than what they’re willing to pull out of the market. In order for a trade to qualify, one of their factors is the risk to reward that a certain stock will give. TeppersList adapted a bare minimum of 1 to 3 on any given trade, meaning you risk for example $1,000 but your reward is $3,000, and on many occasions could even range from $5,000 to $10,000.


  1. Do I have to dedicate a lot of time to my investments with TeppersList? Not at all. This is where the company’s flagship product, Invest & Forget comes into the picture. Have your account ready, sit and wait and once you receive an email from TeppersList, simply execute the trade and that’s it!

The Pricing – Worth It But Probably Not For All Income Brackets

Undoubtedly, this is the single largest drawback of an otherwise solid product. TeppersList is a bit expensive. Its signature Invest & Forget service is priced at $149 per month which is well above the industry median. It appears that Leon Tepper clearly believes in the saying that good things come for a price. The annual discount on the service appears more value for money at about $1251.60 per annum but is still on the higher side. The same goes for the Hot Stock Report and the Turnaround Report which are each, priced at $99 per month or $831.60 per year if you pre-pay. The payment mechanism is simple and via credit card or Paypal, without any hassles.

Pros & Cons – Summary

Pros Cons
Solid Algorithms which deliver good stock recommendations for all investment durations Plans are a bit costly.
Very high success rate & excellent returns Explanations behind stock investments are complex and not easy to understand for the average investor.
Experienced core management
Highly responsive support team
Easy-to-use interface
Outstanding risk to reward


Final Words

TeppersList has quite a few positive reviews left by reviewers:

We do not entirely agree with those giving the 5 stars because the service clearly caters more to the rich than to others and is more niche than one would imagine from its first impressions. However, its success rate is definitely exceptional. The recommendations generated by TeppersList algorithms have a very strong fundamental and technical basis for investment.

What we appreciate the most is Leon Tepper’s honesty. He doesn’t claim that he will make you rich overnight. All he does is ensure that you get into a stock at the correct bottom of the cycle and get out at the top. In fact, his biggest success stories were investments in stocks like Facebook and Amazon when each of them was at the bottom of their cycle and investors ended up more than doubling their capital in hardly a year or two.

Taking all these factors into account, we go with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 for TeppersList. Overall, the service might feel a bit heavy for your pocket, but it provides excellent recommendations that will make good money for you in the long term.

TeppersList Is A Fantastic Pick!
  • Performance
  • Quality Of Service
  • Diversity of Offerings
  • Price

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