What is a Credit Analysis Report?

Baptista Research’s Credit Analysis Report allows all forms of stakeholders to assess the financial strength and overall creditworthiness of a company. While the reports can be used by all forms of stakeholders, they are particularly useful to banks, other lenders, and debt instrument investors. Our reports highlight the key credit strengths and risks associated with a company along with a detailed line-by-line analysis of the financial statements and all key financial ratios versus the industry.

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Why should I get your Credit Analysis Report?

Our Credit Analysis Reports offer an independent view of a company’s financial strength and credit worthiness. We follow a highly objective approach in the evaluation of both quantitative as well as qualitative risks. Our reports help debt investors and lenders to evaluate the probability of late payments or defaults and avoid their negative impact on the business. 

Are you a regulated credit rating agency?

Baptista Research is an independent financial research house and NOT a credit rating agency.

How does Baptista Research carry out its credit evaluation?

Refer the Our Methodology page.

What is the difference between the Financial Strength Indicator and the Credit Evaluation Score?

Refer the Our Methodology page.

How can I access to your Credit Analysis Reports?

We write and distribute Credit Analysis reports across all our platform partners – Thomson Eikon (Refinitiv), S&P Capital IQ, FactSet, AlphaSense, Research Tree, RSRCHX by Liquidnet, Advisen, and Nucleus195.

If you are a non-buy-side professional with access, you can search and directly download our reports from these platforms.

If you are a buy-side professional with access to the above-mentioned platforms, please send us an entitlement request on the platform and

Pay our $99 annual subscription fee here

We shall approve the request in less than 24 hours.

If you are a financial institution without access to any of the above-mentioned platforms, please email us on info@baptistaresearch.com

Do you deliver Credit Analysis Reports on all sectors?

We specialize in corporate credit analysis. We do not carry out credit analysis for banks, insurance companies, and all forms of financial/ investment companies, real estate companies, traditional power generation companies, zero-revenue companies, and companies with less than 3 years of revenue traction.

Do you deliver Credit Analysis Reports on private companies?

Yes. You can request a credit analysis report on a private company. To get started with the process, please email us on info@baptistaresearch.com 

How can I place a request for a Credit Analysis Report with Baptista Research?

Please email us on info@baptistaresearch.com to start the process.