Overpriced Shorts

Best Stock Picks For Short Selling

Greed and hope are two of the biggest factors which make the best of investors to continue investing in bad companies and averaging at falling prices.

Given that these are both fundamental behavioral characteristics of all humans, stock markets are ALWAYS bound to have a set of stocks that are heavily overpriced purely because of investor optimism/ hope. Moreover, the regular injection of liquidity from the Federal Reserve is also a major factor responsible for some of the weakest companies appreciating as a result of the overall market momentum

Bad results, heavy losses, and fresh issuances of shares to finance losses are some examples of scenarios where investors rise from their sleep and start exiting these bad companies.

At Baptista Research, we have discovered ways to profit from these overpriced yet weak stocks that are basically a ticking time bomb. We help you enter the shorts at the RIGHT TIMING, and most important, EXIT your trade at the right time to realize the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE RETURNS while ensuring MINIMAL RISKS with a stop-loss price.

This is our flagship product and we have the HIGHEST success rate in our short trade recommendations irrespective of market trends.

Nature Of Trades: Short only

Duration Of Trade: 1 week to 6 months

Nature Of Stocks: NYSE & NASDAQ listed stocks of any sector that may be overvalued.

Risk Management: We provide a stop-loss on every single trade where the stop-loss margin is lower than the expected profitability margin. 

Notifications: You get an email notification each time we add a new trade idea or close an old trade idea. However, we DO NOT provide alerts as to when the stock price hits the target/ stop loss point on any given trading day. You are required to have that setting in your trading software/ use a stock price alert service for the same. Please make sure that you change your email settings so as to prevent our mails from getting blocked/ going to the Spam folder or any other unused folder.

Frequency Of Trade Ideas: We do not believe in providing any trade idea unless we have 100% conviction in the same. The number of trade ideas also depend on the market condition. In this service, we look to provide an average of 2-3 stock picks per month.

Performance Track Record: In this product, we consistently deliver an annualized return of over 110%. Here is an example of a profitable investment suggested by us:

TickerCompany CompanyIdeaEntry Price RangeTarget PriceStop LossDate AddedStatus
WEWeWork Inc.Short$4.40-$4.60$3.50$5.0025-08-2022Successfully Closed With 20-24% Return In 1 Month
BEEMBeem GlobalShort$15.40-$15.60$12.50$16.5019-08-2022Successfully Closed With 19-20% Return In 1.5 Months
TPICTPI CompositesShort$23.30-$23.50$12.00$25.5012-08-2022Successfully Closed With 48-49% Return In 1.5 Months