Medium & Long Term Investments

Stock Investment Ideas For Medium & Long Term Investors

Most investors are passive in nature and are looking for steady appreciation of their capital/ a steady flow of income in the form of dividend over a period of time.

For these kind of investors, we have specifically designed two trade idea products/ themes that can easily help them achieve their investment objectives.

Name of ProductNature of TradesDuration of TradesStocksRisk AppetiteExpected Returns
Hyper Growth Tech StarsLong Only6 months to 2 yearsNYSE & NASDAQ Listed Tech CosMedium30-50% Annualized
Classic Dividend & Yield PlaysLong OnlyMore than 1 yearNYSE & NASDAQ High Yield CosLow7-14% Yields
The Contrarian Value BuysLong & Short6 months to 2 yearsNYSE & NASDAQ CosMedium30-40% Annualized


Hyper Growth Tech Stars is a sector-focused product catering only to technology as a domain. Classic Dividend & Yield Plays is essentially a product focused for retirees and income investors. The Contrarian Value Buys is our most flexible product catering to young medium and long-term investors that are looking to make quality bets but also opportunistic enough to try the occasional short trade and profit from a falling market.

Click on the product links to find a description of the same and find out which trade ideas offering is most suitable for you.

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