Classic Dividend & Yield Plays

Dividend & Income Investing Ideas

Classic Dividend & Yield Plays is our specialized service catering to retirees and investors looking for a regular source of income at a low risk without having to wait for many years.

Retirees and income investors have worked hard all their lives and created wealth but the biggest challenge that lies in front of them is to PUT THEIR MONEY TO WORK!

Our approach is simple – we provide stock investment ideas in companies that are cash-rich and pay you RICH DIVIDENDS, carry out timely buybacks and basically provide you with REGULAR CASH FLOWS that you can use in your day-to-day life to pay your bills, finance your lifestyle, or even re-invest it back into the markets.

Ours is a low-risk, defensive investment style ideal retirement investing for beginners. We have a robust retiree investment strategy where all you have to is simply learn to read our stock investment ideas table. We provide you with regular flow of excellent dividend investment ideas for building your post-retirement portfolio.

Nature Of Investments: Long Only

Duration Of Investments: Above 1 year

Nature Of Stocks: NYSE & NASDAQ listed companies with a good dividend & yield profile.

Risk Management: We provide a stop-loss on every single trade where the stop-loss margin is lower than the expected profitability margin. 

Notifications: You get an email notification each time we add a new trade idea or close an old trade idea. However, we DO NOT provide alerts as to when the stock price hits the target/ stop loss point on any given trading day. You are required to have that setting in your trading software/ use a stock price alert service for the same. Please make sure that you change your email settings so as to prevent our mails from getting blocked/ going to the Spam folder or any other unused folder.

Frequency: We do not believe in providing any trade idea unless we have 100% conviction in the same. In this service, we will provide an average of 1-2 stock picks per month.

Performance Track Record: Our yield stocks end up providing an average yield ranging from 7-14% in the long run with scope for capital appreciation at the stock level.

TickerCompany CompanyIdeaEntry Price RangeTarget PriceStop LossDate AddedStatus
PXDPioneer Natural ResourcesLong$200.00-$220.00NA$12003-08-2022Active. Currently generating a yield of 11.6-12.7%
VNOMViper Energy PartnersLong$25.00-$26.50NA$19.0007-07-2022Active. Currently generating a yield of 12.2-13%
JXNJackson Financial Inc.Long$28.00-$30.00NA$21.0013-06-2022Active. Currently generating a yield of 7.3-7.9%