Institutional Investor Zone

Baptista Research has a vast coverage of over 500 companies of all sizes and a distribution across 12 major platforms. Every single day, hundreds of institutional investors are accessing our research and estimates and we have been serving the buy side community for over 4 years now.

With such a vast base of research, it was only logical (and synergistic) for us to come up with a solid trade ideas product that can help our institutional investors generate extraordinary returns, beating all indices.

The following table summarizes our two trade idea offerings for institutions:

Name of ProductGlobal Mid & Small-Cap ShortsThe Balanced Investor
DescriptionThis product is tailored specifically for our hedge fund clients and short-term traders. We provide trade recommendations on overpriced yet weak stocks that are basically a ticking time bomb. Every trade recommendation is supported by a detailed research note supporting the rationale.This product is a blend of growth investing and value investing ideas. We provide buy calls to institutions with a medium to low risk appetite and tailor our recommendations based on how much they are leaning towards growth investing/ value investing. Every trade recommendation is supported by a detailed research note supporting the rationale.
Asset ClassEquitiesEquities
IdeasShort onlyLong Only
MethodologyLargely focused on fundamentals but with a blend of technical analysis to determine the right entry and exit pointsPurely fundamentals-focused approach with a bottom-up approach starting from an in-depth company level analysis and moving up to the industry
SectorsSector-agnostic/ GeneralistSector-agnostic/ Generalist
GeographiesUS, Europe (incl. UK), AustraliaUS, Europe (incl. UK), Australia
Product PresentationComing soonComing soon
Pricing$10,000 for 6 months$10,000 for 6 months


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