Trade Ideas

The challenge lies in IDENTIFYING the right companies, investing at the RIGHT TIMING, and most important, EXITING your investment at the right time to realize the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE RETURNS while ensuring MINIMAL RISKS.

The internet is filled with many services that provide stock trading investment tips and trading ideas within the tech sector but the biggest problem is INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Now, most of this information backing trade ideas, call it ‘deep research’ or ‘insights’, is often just considered as NOISE.

The average American citizen does not have the time to read and analyze this information. With too many stock investment ideas, eventually investors end up getting confused, end up investing all over the place, and realize below-par returns. To counter this problem, Baptista Research has come up with what is arguably the SIMPLEST TRADE IDEAS SERVICE.

In our service, we do not bombard you with financial data or technical parameters or basically ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU DO NOT NEED. We carry out that research ourselves (Obviously, you are more than welcome to read our research by clicking here ).

All you need to do is READ ONE SIMPLE TABLE and we will help you beat the market and also beat some of the top investment funds in the country.

So how does this table look like? Well, here is a snapshot:

TickerCompany CompanyIdeaEntry Price RangeTarget PriceStop LossDate AddedStatus
DDDuPont de NemoursLong$50.00-$51.00$60.00$45.0023-09-2022Active
GLWCorning IncLong$29.00-$30.00$36.00$26.0027-09-2022Active
WEWeWork Inc.Short$4.40-$4.60$3.50$5.0025-08-2022Successfully Closed With 20-24% Return In 1 Month
TPICTPI CompositesShort$23.30-$23.50$12.00$25.5012-08-2022Successfully Closed With 48-49% Return In 1.5 Months
MRKMerck & CompanyLong$76.00-$77.00$92.00$69.9014-05-2022Successfully Closed With 75-82% Return In 10-11 Months
IMXIInternational Money ExpressLong$19.50-$20.00$24.00$17.5015-03-2022Successfully Closed With 23-26% Return In 5-6 Months


Whenever we see a stock within a suitable entry price range, we upload the idea in the table for which you get an email notification. We try to keep a wide range so that our subscribers have sufficient time to enter into their position.

Even if the stock moves out of the suggested price range, we often keep a position as “Active” if we see a reasonable chance that the stock might come back to that price bracket again.

We always have a clearly defined target price and a stop-loss for every trade. Usually, the stop-loss margin is always going to be significantly lower than the expected returns upon realization of the target price.

You get an email notification each time we add a new trade idea or close an old trade idea. However, we DO NOT provide alerts as to when the stock price hits the target/ stop loss point on any given trading day. You are required to have that setting in your trading software/ use a stock price alert service for the same. Please make sure that you change your email settings so as to prevent our mails from getting blocked/ going to the Spam folder or any other unused folder.

We do not believe in providing any trade idea unless we have 100% conviction in the same. The number of trade ideas also depend on the market condition. In most of our products, we look to provide an average of 2-3 stock picks per month.

Our results speak for ourselves. Our founder, Ishan Majumdar has been in the finance industry for over a decade and maintains a four-star rating on Tipranks.

Our services provide trade ideas on a wide variety of stocks depending on the sector, size of company, volatility, dividend yield, and various other factors.

Name of ProductNature of TradesDuration of TradesStocksRisk AppetiteExpected Returns
Hyper Growth Tech StarsLong Only6 months to 2 yearsNYSE & NASDAQ Listed Tech CosMedium30-50% Annualized
Classic Dividend & Yield PlaysLong OnlyMore than 1 yearNYSE & NASDAQ High Yield CosLow7-14% Yields
The Contrarian Value BuysLong & Short6 months to 2 yearsNYSE & NASDAQ CosMedium30-40% Annualized
Overpriced ShortsShort Only1 week to 6 monthsNYSE, NASDAQ & OTC Listed CosHigh20-30% Per Trade
High-Volatility Small-Cap TradesLong & Short1 week to 6 monthsNYSE, NASDAQ & OTC Listed SmallcapsHigh20-30% Per Trade


Click on the product links to find a description of the same and find out which trade ideas offering is most suitable for you.

We offer a 3-day free trial on all our services. Please read our Disclaimer section before signing up for any service.

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