Short Term Trade Ideas

Stock Picks For Short Term Traders

There is a fundamental difference in the terms ‘investing’ and ‘trading’ with respect to the stock markets.

While investment usually refers to a passive approach for wealth creation by placing your savings in stocks that appreciate in value over time, stock trading is more of an active approach/ at times even a full-time activity that helps people make a living off the stock markets. 

At Baptista Research, we cater to BOTH these categories.

We have an elaborate set of plans for our medium and long term investors

and we also provide traders and short-term investors with excellent ideas that consistently beat the markets.

Our robust risk management framework ensures that you have a minimum 20-30% upside on each idea with a stop loss margin of 10-15%.

We have specifically designed two trade idea products/ themes that can easily help our traders achieve their investment objectives.

Name of ProductNature of TradesDuration of TradesStocksRisk AppetiteExpected Returns
Overpriced ShortsShort Only1 week to 6 monthsNYSE, NASDAQ & OTC Listed CosHigh20-30% Per Trade
High-Volatility Smallcap TradesLong & Short1 week to 6 monthsNYSE, NASDAQ & OTC Listed SmallcapsHigh20-30% Per Trade


We have an exceptional ability to identify overvalued companies that are expected to correct in the short term which is why our ‘Overpriced Shorts’ is a flagship product. However, if you are looking for an all-weather offering that plays on the volatility of the markets, small-caps and micro-caps is the best space which is where our ‘High Volatility Small-Cap Trades’ serves as an ideal product.

Click on the product links to find a description of the same and find out which trade ideas offering is most suitable for you.

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