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Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. delivered a solid/strong/positive result and managed an all-around beat in the last quarter. The TTR franchise, fueled by a robust AMVUTTRA showing in the US market, and the Ultra-Rare franchise exhibited growth exceeding 30% compared to the previous year. Total net product revenues surged by 35% year-over-year or 33% at a constant exchange rate. The global net product revenues for ONPATTRO and AMVUTTRA in the TTR franchise reached $230 million, marking a 3% increase from the second quarter and an impressive 35% growth from Q3 2022. Notably, the number of patients on commercial ONPATTRO or AMVUTTRA treatment globally surpassed 3,790 by the end of the quarter, reflecting an 8% quarterly patient growth. In the US, the combined sales of ONPATTRO and AMVUTTRA increased by 11% compared to the second quarter and an impressive 47% year-over-year, primarily propelled by the launch of AMVUTTRA. Over 80% of Alnylam U.S. TTR patients now opt for AMVUTTRA, showcasing the product profile’s positive reception by physicians and patients. The Ultra-Rare products, GIVLAARI and OXLUMO, achieved combined product sales of $83 million in the third quarter, representing a solid 33% growth compared to Q3 2022. Alnylam’s team is optimistic about the future, anticipating a strong fourth quarter that positions them to end the year around the midpoint of their net product revenue guidance range.

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