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Ambarella, Inc. surpassed the revenue expectations as well as the earnings expectations of Wall Street. The business is showing signs of stabilization as customers make progress in inventory management. Anticipating varying emergence from the cyclical downturn throughout the next year, Ambarella’s team remains focused on returning to growth in fiscal year 2025. Undeterred, the company maintains determination and concentration on strategic R&D priorities, emphasizing introducing an AI SoC and software portfolio targeting advanced AI inference workloads. Confidence in the growth prospects for AI processors and software remains high, with the CV2 family of SoCs poised to lead the way out of the cyclical downturn and constitute a significant proportion of revenue in fiscal year 2025. The CV3 platform represents a pivotal advancement, with the flagship CV3-AD685 SoC successfully undergoing initial testing. Ambarella’s foray into the burgeoning gen AI landscape is marked by successful demonstrations of powerful inference processors embedded in CV3 SoCs running large language models at the edge. They further unveiled an autonomous driving (AD) software stack in tandem with Ambarella’s CV3-AD AI domain controller SoC family to maximize the stack’s performance on the SoC’s CVflow AI engines while reducing power consumption and the workload on its on-chip Arm cores.

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