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Gartner Inc. reported robust performance in Q3, achieving high single-digit growth in contract value, with revenue, EBITDA, and adjusted EPS surpassing expectations. The company maintained its agility in response to a volatile and uncertain external environment shaped by post-pandemic tech sector adjustments, rising interest rates in banking, and ongoing supply chain challenges. Gartner’s role as a trusted source for actionable, objective insights to inform critical decisions positions it favorably amid industry fluctuations. With a focus on adaptability and Research as its largest and most profitable segment, Gartner continues to assist clients globally in areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, remote work, and cost optimization. Research revenue grew by 5%, and subscription revenue saw an 8% organic growth. The total contract value increased by 8%, driven by double-digit growth for enterprise function leaders. Gartner’s distinct sales channels, Global Technology Sales (GTS) and Global Business Sales (GBS), contributed to the overall positive performance, with GTS contract value growing by 7% and GBS contract value surging by 14%. The company’s Consulting segment, an extension of Gartner Research, achieved a 23% growth in revenue, notably excelling in contract optimization. Gartner remains resilient, navigating a complex external environment, and anticipates strong performance in the fourth quarter, supported by record-level attendance and advanced bookings for its in-person conferences. The increased 2023 guidance for revenue, EBITDA, and free cash flow reflects Gartner’s confidence in its strategic position and ability to deliver long-term sustained double-digit revenue growth while returning significant excess capital to shareholders.

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