SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.


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SolarEdge Technologies reported a strong quarter with revenues of $890 million in revenues and an all-around beat. The company generated a $3.1 billion top-line for the year. The solar industry saw growth in virtually every one of the nations and across all segments and geographic areas. The U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the U.K., and France all had noteworthy growth year over year. 2022 also saw the major expansion of several new markets, including Taiwan and Brazil. This rapid expansion was driven by a combination of factors, including the expansion of their portfolio to include inverters, EV chargers, and batteries that specifically address the needs of the European market, rising power prices before the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and their subsequent acceleration. Furthermore, the global launch of their batteries contributed to an increase in their annual revenues. The company also ramped up Mexico’s production and raised the annual growth rate for shipments of inverters and optimizers by 47%. Among key updates, SolarEdge acquired Hark Systems to give its corporate and industrial clients more capacity for managing their energy resources. We initiate coverage on SolarEdge Technologies with a ‘Hold’ rating.

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