Annual Subscription




What Do You Get Under Our Annual Premium Subscription Plan
  • Priority access to detailed stock research and valuation reports on over 140 companies for one year before any other asset manager/ investor – See the full list here
  • Updated reports on each of the above companies after every quarterly result
  • Receive our new and updated research reports directly on your email. No more hassles associated with logging in to financial platforms and searching for research.
  • Detailed financial forecasts of revenues, profitability, and cash flows in each report along with a Discounted Cash Flow working for carrying out the valuation
  • Up to 5 on-demand reports each year that you can ask us to cover and evaluate depending on your investment needs*
  • A line-by-line analysis of the financial statements, an explanation of the key qualitative drivers influencing the stock, and a detailed valuation working for every single stock – See a sample report here
  • A cost-effective way to access our reports. Our individual reports are priced at $39 but if you take up our subscription you can access as many as you want for $496.


*Our on-demand offering is specific to companies that do not fall under the Sectors/ Companies We Do Not Cover. The reports provided on-demand shall be in our standard report template and we do not provide customized reporting. While we endeavor to provide the on-demand reports in 24 hours, we do not provide an officially guaranteed time limit for these reports.